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Set Up FonePay in Seconds

1. Get the app

Install the FonePay app from Google Play and Apple Store.

2. Link an account

Add an account from any participating bank.

3. You're all set

That’s it. You’re ready to pay in stores, in app, and online.

Simply Scan to Pay,

In-Store and Online!

Now you can use your mobile to pay at a store straight from your account, gift cards, virtual cards and loyalty points by simply scanning the QR Code. FonePay helps you pay without the hassle of going through your wallet looking for cash or the right card.


Watch a Movie and Buy Your Ticket with FonePay

Search, select and buy a ticket to watch a movie at your favorite cinema using FonePay.

Bus Rides

Plan Your Trips and Buy Your Bus Tickets with FonePay

Now book your bus tickets and pay with a single tap.

Locate Stores

Tap, search and go

Online Payment

Scan and checkout

Gift Cards

Send the most amazing gift to your loved ones


Deals Near You

Search and shop away

Digital Payment

Get a voucher, your code to pay in the digital world

Social Media

Share to your loved ones

Offering 200+ Digital Payments Just for You

Loyalty and Rewards

Loyalty Pays Off!

Use FonePay, get amazing discounts and earn reward points. FonePay will seamlessly manage them for you and will tell you when to redeem them at any retail or online store every time you shop.

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Download your free FONEPAY app today!

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